Dumplin Restuarant

1675 Forum Pl # B • West Palm Beach, FL 33401 • (561) 689-5173

Dumplin Breakfast My Dumplin Jamaican Food Menu

caribbean cuisine breakfast

Ackee & Saltfish

Served with provisions yellow yam banana & dumplin or fried dumplin

Small $ 12.25 Large $14.25

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Calalloo & Saltfish

Jamaican spinach sautéed w/Codfish,onions, peppers & tomatoes

Small $ 7.99 Large $ 9.99

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Codfish sautéed w/ onions, peppers & tomatoes

Small $7.99 Large $9.99

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Saltfish with Okra

Small $ 8.50 Large $10.25

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Saltfish with Butter Beans

Small $8.25 Large $10.25

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Beef Liver

Sautéed in brown gravy w/ onions, peppers & tomatoes

Small $7.75 Large $9.75

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Dumplin Breakfast
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